National Geographic's Five Years On Mars
Highlights from our part of the Emmy Award winning "Five Years on Mars." Photo realism in 3D CGI was the visual effects goal based on extensive photographs from the Martian rovers Spirit and Opportunity.
A collection of medical mode of action animations (MOA's), animated CME's, patient education, convention opening presentations, industrial, legal demonstratives, sales meeting opening animations, Internet videos, promotionals and assorted non-broadcast medical productions
"Some Fun with Match Mover" a demo reel for 3D motion tracking and visual effects with Match Mover and Maya 3D. This animated demonstration is designed to show some tough tracking examples even for 'less than perfect cinematography."

A collection of newly animated work, old work and some very old work that still holds up well from all categories and price ranges including commercials, medical MOA's, sales demo reels, corporate, industrial and legal animation design

Offering wide experience in cost effective design, animation, special effects, stereography, and motion graphics for general production including commercials, medical, industrial, corporate and legal presentations for NYC and the world via Internet.
Pharmaceutical and non-broadcast design and animation
Visual Effects and Matchmoving
General Post Production Animation and Design